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Bijoux Made in Tahiti.
Matières naturelles, Perles de Tahiti, nacre, pierres semi-précieuses et pierre de lave sont les matières utilisées dans la conception de nos bijoux.
Nous concevons à la main, en Polynésie Française nos créations en petites séries ou en pièces unique.
Matira Creation est une marque déposée à l'INPI en Métropole, dans les Dom-Tom, en Polynésie Française et en Nouvelle Calédonie.


Tahitian Cultured Pearls

The Tahitian cultured Pearls



The Tahitian Pearl may have any color and any shape in a totally natural way.

That's what makes it so special to us.

It results from secretions of mother-of-pearl of a variety of oyster called Pinctada margaritifera, which we find in Polynesian waters.

The pearl culture is a long-term process; it is only after three years of maintenance and meticulous care that the farmed oysters will produce marketable pearls.

High quality pearls represent only a small part of the implanted oysters and round and flawless pearls remain extremely rare.


The different pearl's shapes

The round pearl is a perfect sphere or considered as such, a variation of less than 2% of its diameter is tolerated.

The semi-round pearl is a sphere with a variation between 2 % and 5% of its diameter.

The drop pearl, is in the shape of a water drop or a pear and presents at least one axis of symmetry

The button pearl, remains stable on a horizontal position and has at least one axis of symmetry

The semi-baroque pearl has at least one axis of revolution.

The baroque pearl is generally irregular and does not go into the previous categories

The encircled pearl is characterized by several concentric circles, like furrows.


The pearl's categories

Top Gem : Pearl without any imperfection

Grade A : Pearl without imperfection on at least 90 % of its surface.

Grade B : Pearl without imperfection on at least 70 % of its surface.

Grade C : Pearl without imperfection on at least 40 % of its surface.

Grade D : Pearl with imperfections on more than 60 % of its surface.

Imperfections on Tahitian Pearls are totally natural.


At Matira Creation we only use pearls with the A-B or C grades in the round, semi-round, pear or semi-baroque shapes.